Online loan without references and guarantors from 18 years

Students often find themselves in a situation where the money is needed urgently, and another month before the scholarship.

In order not to spend the best years on part-time jobs, borrow from friends or hand over your favorite things to pawnshops, it is easier to get a loan without documents and guarantors.

Banks refuse because young people without an income certificate are not considered trustworthy. But the situation is not hopeless – get a quick loan without inquiries and guarantors at Good Finance!

Urgently take a loan online without documents and guarantors in 20 minutes


We trust customers and are ready to meet even those who have recently turned 18 years old.

In Good Finance, you can get a loan online without inquiries and guarantors and immediately get the right amount – it will come immediately to the card. By specifying the maturity and interest, you can immediately send a request on the website or through the mobile application.

An application for a loan without inquiries and guarantors is analyzed within 20 minutes, after which you will receive a confirmation by phone or e-mail.

Do not provide false information – this increases the risk of failure, and a second request is sent only after 30 days. Trust us and we promise you a simple and trouble-free loan!

Loan amount and loan terms


Good Finance is the fastest and most reliable way to get an urgent loan without resorting to the humiliating ways of finding money.

Forget about the queues, paperwork and meticulous managers of the bank – a few clicks and a loan calculator will show interest on loans without references and guarantors, and in the Personal Account there will be all comprehensive information about the conditions of registration.

If you have any questions or didn’t receive a notification, you can always contact the manager or write to us – we work 24/7 seven days a week.

The conditions of Good Finance are easy to tell on an example: if you took 1000 USD. for 7 days, then the payment with all commissions will be 1091 USD. (APR – 474.5%). The loan is extended for 7, 15, 30 or 45 days or repaid in installments – we solve financial problems together!

Advantages to get a loan online on a card from Good Credit


  • we issue a loan of 18 years without certificates and guarantors on loyal terms;
  • loan processing is carried out via the Internet and does not take more than 20 minutes; approval, like rejection, comes via SMS;
  • all data is reliably protected by an encryption system, so your loan application without inquiries and guarantors with personal data remains private information;
  • we are ready to enter the situation, therefore we extend the payment, and after 90 days the growth of the loan overdue stops:
  • you can pay the loan earlier – then the interest will be recalculated taking into account the new conditions, as well as repay the loan in installments – interest is calculated on the unpaid part.