Monthly Archives: May 2021

Anti-vaxxers now apparently have their own dating site beyond parody

Who knew that in the year of our Lord Olivia Rodrigo 2021, dating apps would be the battleground on which vaccinated singles and anti-vaccines would wage their last war? In case you missed it, President Joe Biden has worked with popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to encourage young singles to take their chances. […]

St. Mary’s man who stole nearly $ 300,000 in dating scams pleads guilty

According to the Office of the Attorney General for the Eastern District of Virginia, a man in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, has pleaded guilty to felony charges of impersonating a serviceman and defrauding several women in using online dating sites. A man in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, pleaded guilty to crimes related to posing as […]

Manhunt latest dating site to suffer data breach

The Manhunt dating app, a popular site for gay singles, is making public a recent data breach. According to a letter sent to the Washington state attorney general’s office by Manhunt’s legal team, the breach affects thousands of Washington residents. The letter, written by company attorney Stacey Brandenburg, states the following about the incident: On […]