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4X Dating app serial killer charged with murder of NJ teen found dead in transportation home

A serial killer recently sentenced to 160 years in state prison for lure and kill three women he met online and attempting the same with a fourth was stopped in a fifth case which had not been resolved until now. Khalil A. Wheeler Weaver has been formally charged with strangling 15-year-old Mawa Doumbia of Newark, […]

Joaquin Phoenix Reveals He Secretly Married Rooney Mara – Details

March 31, 2022 – 12:51 BST Eve Crosbie Joaquin Phoenix has confirmed that he and his fiancée Rooney Mara have married after calling the actress a “woman” in an interview. Congratulations are in order for Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara! It seems that the Hollywood couple, who welcomed their first child together in […] Exclusive Dating Site and App for STD and Herpes Singles

Finding out that you have herpes can be extremely difficult. Those who have been diagnosed with herpes may worry about facing reality. This is mainly because the prospect of dating while infected with herpes can cause serious anxiety, but now you can figure out what else to do. Fortunately, being a Positive Single isn’t as […]

Survey shows how and why South Africans use Tinder

The growth of the internet and smartphones has led to the widespread worldwide use of dating apps, such as Tinder, Bumble and OKCupid. These location-based apps have become a popular and acceptable way to meet potential new romantic partners. With over 6.5 million monthly downloads, Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world, […]

NJ Love Seeker loses $450,000 to scammer on dating app for ‘rich and attractive’

It’s heartbreaking to learn that someone you fell in love with online doesn’t like you, but it’s downright tragic to find out that this person just ran off with $450,000 of your money. It’s true: A scammer has raised almost half a million dollars in crypto from a Glen Rock, NJ resident who fell for […]

Dog breeder guilty of murdering toddler after meeting mother on dating site

An unlicensed dog breeder has been found guilty of murdering a toddler. Kamran Haider, 39, attacked 16-month-old Nusayba Umar, causing catastrophic brain damage, on September 13, 2019. The girl’s mother, Asiyah Amazir, called 999 and falsely claimed her daughter had fallen ill on a bus, the Old Bailey has heard. Nusayba, who weighed 17 pounds, […]

I Met A Murderer On A Dating Site And He Shook My Baby Girl To Death – This Will Haunt Me Forever

A mum has detailed how she met a man online who then killed her baby girl by violently shaking her to death. The mother of 16-month-old Nusayba Umar said in an impact statement that her daughter’s suffering will “haunt me forever”. 2 Nusayba Umar was shaken to deathCredit: Met Police Kamran Haider, 39, shook Nusayba, […]

Random: This Dating Game Is About Trying NOT To Get A Girlfriend, And That Could Change

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m permanently fend off suitors. I go to the pretzel shop and everyone starts throwing bread chat lines at me. I take a trip to the aquarium, and people are still trying to get into the octopus tanks to spell MARRY ME with the poor guy’s tentacles. It’s […]

Chris Evans is connecting with Ana De Armas in the upcoming film. Are they really a couple?

Ana de Armas will reunite with her Knives Out co-star Chris Evans in the upcoming Ghosted, produced by Apple Original Films. The 33-year-old actress will play the female lead in the film, characterized as a high-level romantic action adventure. According to Deadline, she will replace Scarlett Johansson, Evans’ regular co-star, who pulled out of the […]

Celebrity couples who have movies in the works: Harry and Olivia, more

The couple who work together! Many celebrities meet their partners on film sets – and some of them continue to collaborate long after that initial spark. Kirsten Dunst and jesse plemons met while filming FX Season 2 Fargo and started dating a year later. “It was a gift,” said the Friday night lights alum said […]

Grindr Gay Dating Site Created 13 Years Ago Today

Present day in 1609, Henry Hudson set out on an expedition for the Dutch East India Company. Hudson explored the northeast coast of America, eventually navigating the mouth of a wide river near present-day New York City. He hoped the river—now called the Hudson River—would provide a westward passage to the Pacific. But after 150 […]

Paper Stone Scissors partners with Ziinkle to develop female-led dating app

Paper Stone Scissors has teamed up with tech start-up Ziinkle to create a female-led dating app which will launch today in Sydney. The announcement Ziinkle engaged Paper Stone Scissors in a tender. Paper Stone Scissors were responsible for creating a custom brand identity, including defining a unique tone of voice in a crowded market and […]

This Indian dating app just made Holi possible in the metaverse

“Holi is the most fun festival of the year. Everyone goes out, celebrates, plays with colors, dances, sings, eats. But imagine not being at home during Holi. Being away from your friends and your family and all the sweets and celebrations. You might be working in another city, maybe you’re traveling or you’re not feeling […]

The Best Movies Leaving HBO Max This Month (April 2022)

HBO Max is the best major streaming service for movie fans, thanks to its in-depth library of Warner Bros. classics. and its solid slate of recent films (theatrical releases from Warner Bros. arrive on the streaming service 45 days after their premiere). Still, movies expire from HBO Max at any time. We heard they were […]

How to avoid fraud, identity theft

Netflix’s hit documentary “The Tinder Swindler” raised awareness of dating app scams, also known as romance scams. According to the FTC, victims of romance scams have lost a total of $1.3 billion over the past 5 years. Clearing your personal information on the Internet and searching for a date can help protect singles against fraud, […]

New dating site for single parents, Stir, launched by

NEW YORK — In honor of National Single Parents Day on March 21 Meet — the pioneering company in the online dating industry – announced the official launch of Stir, the new dating app designed to connect single parents. Stir aims to provide a connection to the 20 million single parents in the United States.many […]

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Relationship Timeline: From Married Ex-Couple to Best…

March 21, 2022, 3:35 PM | Updated: March 21, 2022, 4:22 PM Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are still good friends. Photo: Alamy/Instagram/Demi Moore Despite their marriage ending more than 20 years ago, Hollywood couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have remained close all these years later. Bruce and Demi married in the late 1980s […]

Why Olajuwon’s Angry Katina is on a dating app

A new episode of Married At First Sight features Olajuwon yelling at Katina for having a dating app. Fans say Olajuwon’s anger stems from his insecurity. Although most spouses would be upset to learn that their husband or wife had downloaded a dating app to their phone, Married at first sight fans believe that Olajuwon’s […]

‘Because I Said So’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

A mother knows best! Because I said so caused many girls to rethink their own relationships with their parents after Diane KeatonDaphne Wilder went too far when settling her youngest child, Milly Wilder (mandy moore). In the 2007 romantic comedy, Daphne worries that Milly will never settle down – or at the very least choose […]

Olajuwon explodes in Katina on dating app

Katina and Olajuwon from Married at first sight have encountered another speed bump in their relationship, and this one has nothing to do with his lack of interest in cooking. A teaser for the March 16 episode of the Lifetime reality series shows Olajuwon blowing up on his wife after discovering a dating app on […]

OMG! Sussanne Khan was massively trolled for dating boyfriend Arslan Goni and dumping Hrithik Roshan

Bombay: Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan and her alleged beau Arslan Goni were photographed exiting Mumbai airport by paparazzi earlier today. The two were twins in black and looked pretty cute together, but social media users disagree. Sussanne and Arslan continued to be brutally trolled. ALSO READ: MUST READ: Sussanne Khan posts APPRECIATION POST for […]

The Batman is so dark this fan made a Babadook crossover Poster

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is such a dark superhero film that one fan was inspired to create a crossover poster with 2014’s The Babadook. A fan inspired by The Batman‘s dark tone created a crossover artwork with The Babadook. The Babadookdirected by Jennifer Kent, is a 2014 horror film based on a short film titled […]

Dating app Tinder shows interest in NFT x female entertainers

Tinder posted a subtle tweet yesterday, indicating an interest in NFTs and also female artists. The tweet read, “Which female artists and creators should we follow in the NFT space?” Do what you want with it, but I think there’s something up their sleeve. What does Tinder do? Credit: @Tinder Many Twitter users have responded […]

5 Best Nina Dobrev Movie And TV Performances, Ranked

Nina Dobrev has been appearing on our screens since his days on the Canadian television show Degrassi: the next generation (whose reboot is in the works at HBO Max). The Canadian actress, originally from Bulgaria, played Mia in the third season of the teen drama, and it was here that she first rose to fame. […]

Dating app Bumble launches new campaign to help bridge the ‘romance gap’

The “women first” dating app Bumblebee has launched a new campaign to help bridge the “love gap” between men and women. “The romance gap”, a term coined by Bumbleis a term for the disparity between men and women and our expectations of gender in relationships and dating. According to a YouGov poll commissioned by Bumble, […]

He Met A Girl On A Dating Site He Thought Was Really Into Him, But Then He Got Rejected And Doesn’t Know What Happened – Chip Chick

Dating apps are a maze of feelings, lines and mixed messages, and this man found himself in a confusing and painful situation. He had spoken to a woman online every day for several months. She had first texted him, telling him she thought he was handsome. He took this to mean she had a romantic […]

Houstonians are launching a new dating app, Wingr, that lets friends play matchmaker for you

Two Houston men are trying to change the dating app experience by letting your friends participate in selecting your potential soul mate. Howard Edwards and Jaeron “Jay” Cooper launched their new app Winger in January 2022, which is named after its matchmaker feature called “Wingr mode” which allows friends to set up their friends with […]

Single & Actively Dating in Singapore: Here’s How Much Dating Costs You (2022), Money News

More and more Singaporeans are forgoing marriage, marriages and children due to the high cost of living. Personally, I think finding a partner who has the same approach to finances as you can save you money in the long run. But until you find that person, living a single life can drain your resources. Between […]

Dr Alex signs up for celebrity dating app after split from girlfriend Ellie Hecht

March 10, 2022, 11:34 Dr. Alex George moves on from his split with his girlfriend Ellie. Image: Getty Dr. Alex is moving on from his split from Ellie Hecht and signed up for a celebrity dating app. the island of love 2018 star Dr Alex George signed up for dating app Raya after he was […]

Millionaire boss finds love on her own dating site – and she’s 30 years younger

A thrice-married multimillionaire, known for being the boss of a controversial dating site, will remarry this year after meeting his soul mate through his own agency. Brandon Wade, 51, founded SeekingArrangement – the American sugar baby dating site in California in 2006. Notorious for claiming that love was “invented by poor people”, he admits his […]

Another Ryan Reynolds Movie For Netflix, Another Pixar Movie For Disney Plus, ‘Dune’ Enters ‘Pay 1’ Window On HBO – What’s On March 10-16

HBO Max is giving subscribers a wide range of choices this week, starting with Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar-nominated sci-fi epic Dunes, which returns to the platform through the “Pay 1” window. HBO is also launching a late-night sports talk show Game theory with Bomani Jones, and that of Amy Berg Phoenix rising documentary about Evan Rachel […]

Gay dating app helps house gay men fleeing Ukraine

Leave it to a gay dating app to help people forge unexpected connections. Romeo, a European equivalent of Grindr, has become something of a self-help center for Ukrainians fleeing the country as the Russian invasion continues, as Weird reported. Unlike Grindr and other similar apps, Romeo also allows users to join forum groups, and earlier […]

Nova Scotia announces millions for sound stage and creators fund to grow film industry

Laura MacKenzie believes Nova Scotia’s film and television production industry is ready for a rapprochement. MacKenzie, the executive director of Screen Nova Scotia, said an announcement made Tuesday by the provincial government has the potential to energize the industry. The province announced $8 million for a soundstage and a five-year, $15 million fund to help […]

Gay dating app Romeo becomes a lifeline for Ukrainians

Ukrainians and other protesters gather in Trafalgar Square for a pro-Ukraine demonstration in London, England (Rob Pinney/Getty Images) Gay dating app Romeo has received an “incredible response” after asking users to help Ukrainians at risk of fleeing the country. The app launched a group called Shelter for Ukraine last week after Russia invaded the country, […]

Ariel Winter replaces Demi Lovato in NBC Comedy Pilot Hungry

modern family Star Ariel Winter boarded NBC’s multi-camera comedy Hungersubstitute Demi Lovato, attached to the project for almost a year. Deadline exclusively reports that Winter’s hiring comes days before filming for the pilot. With Winter’s attachment, production will move forward this week. The project remained a high priority for NBC, which is why the network […]

Starstruck Season 1 Recap

A normal girl meets a famous man, they instantly fall in love, get married and live happily ever after? Absoutely do not. Starstruck follows the story of every New Zealand girl, Jessie (Rose Mataféo), who navigates her way through her 20s, living in London trying to make sense of her life when she accidentally gets […] parent Info Edge buys dating app for Rs 91 cr – Ultra News

The Aisle app has over 5 million downloads from the Play Store Info Edge Ltd, the parent company of, has bought a 76% stake in dating app maker Aisle Network Pvt Ltd for Rs 91 cr. Aisle Network operates several dating sites, such as Aisle, Anbe, Arike and HeyDil, serving different languages ​​and states […]

New Review: Hulu”s Cannibal Horror Story Confuses the Dating Game

Modern dating is mundane and dehumanizing. The most common way to do this is through the app, where – much like you would order chicken tenderloins for delivery – you choose from a bunch of options provided by an algorithm. You know this algorithm is likely to let you down, so you just hope it […]

Gay dating app asks users to help Ukrainians and is blown away by the response / Queerty

Posed by the model (Photo: Shutterstock) A well-known gay dating app says it was blown away by its users’ response to the plight of Ukrainians fleeing their country. It is estimated that around 1 million people left the country after the Russian military invasion. The social media site and app ROMEO (formerly known as Planet […]

Movie reviews: ‘The Batman’, ‘Fresh’ and more

THE BATMAN: 4 STARS On some level, Batman has always been escapist entertainment. Comics, TV shows, and movies have always tackled big topics like morality, revenge, and the razor’s edge between anarchy and order, but between Adam West’s smile, Michael’s gadgets Keaton and Christian Bale’s colorful enemies, escapism is always part of the mix. “The […]

All about the movie “Elvis”, with Austin Butler

Elvis. No one hears this name without immediately thinking of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself. Baz Luhrmann’s new biopic of the raunchy rock star needs no introduction other than the title itself, Elvis. Biopics about iconic musical artists have been all the rage in the movie world lately, like the glitzy Rocketman, a […]

Woman shares ‘creepy’ texts from dating app ‘Psycho’ in viral video

A woman has claimed in a now-viral video that she received a barrage of disturbing text messages from a ‘psycho’ she met online after he canceled their first date. The video was posted to TikTok on Monday by Alyssa Rose (@xolyssarosexo), who wrote, “PSA…Watch out for strangers and listen to your gut!!!” The post has […]

Sick of slipping? This New Dating App Brings IRL Vibes to Online Dating

PEDSTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Hello Tiger to introduce a whole new way to narrow down your mate search. This is the perfect time to dive back into dating. There are fewer restrictions in the way, you won’t be sweating a storm, and it’s the perfect time to lock up a lover during the cozy […]

Scream is coming to digital and 7 more horror movies are out this week

This week’s big new horror release is this year’s Digital HD arrival Yellthe all-new sequel coming home after an $80 million run at the domestic box office. Hailed as “a hefty, razor-sharp slasher worthy of heirloom” by our very own Meagan Navarro (review), the highly anticipated new from Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group Yell […]