AllianceBlock connects to an Albanian dating app

In line with its vision of an integrated landscape of traditional and decentralized worlds, AllianceBlock has formed a partnership with the Albanian dating app

With a common mission to empower and connect communities, AllianceBlock will support dua in the creation of – a transaction and payment platform operating DeFi to create a digital banking service for international deposits.

Transactions via will require $ DUA – a stable cryptocurrency backed by the digital asset of ALBT AllianceBlock. The teams will create a crypto wallet for and a unique token reward system for its users.

This community platform will be supported by AllianceBlock Fundrs’ peer-to-peer payment platform.

As a result, this innovation improves expensive and slow international remittances, in which billions of dollars are transferred per year.

According to AllianceBlock, which has already partnered with several blockchain and crypto startups, this partnership signifies the introduction of decentralized finance into traditional systems and is a bold step in creating high-quality international transactions.

The traditional sector is in symbiosis with crypto

Rachid Ajaja, CEO and co-founder of AllianceBlock, said that “digital assets are providing fragmented communities with unprecedented opportunities through payments and remittances.

“This partnership is another example of a traditional business venturing into the crypto realm,” he said.

“Through our Fundrs platform, AllianceBlock’s unique DeFi technology will help dua users gain more control over their finances, enabling them to securely and affordably send crypto assets to their families and communities.”

Ajaja also noted that the future of finance will be an integrated system where the best parts of traditional and decentralized finance will work together to increase capital flows.

“We look forward to bringing the benefits of our DeFi technology to the large user base of dua and creating real and valuable change,” he added.

Speaking about dua pay, which was accepted by Harvard Innovation Lab’s Venture Program, Valon Asani – CEO and Founder of – asserted that “as AllianceBlock builds the future of finance, dua builds the future from the community “.

“Together, we are building a future of the two that goes hand in hand,” he said.

“AllianceBlock’s mission is noble and daring. We are proud to work with their great team.

“Bridging the huge gap between centralized and decentralized finance will not only lower costs to create greater, faster and easier access to capital, but it will also empower people. “

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be taken as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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