Anti-vaxxers now apparently have their own dating site beyond parody

Who knew that in the year of our Lord Olivia Rodrigo 2021, dating apps would be the battleground on which vaccinated singles and anti-vaccines would wage their last war?

In case you missed it, President Joe Biden has worked with popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to encourage young singles to take their chances. These platforms offer incentives to members who can prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Of course, the real benefit of getting bitten is that your risk of catching a deadly virus (which has killed hundreds of thousands of people in this country alone) decreases exponentially, but hey, Millennials and Gen-Zers want also get laid. Win, win.

Except now the anti-vax community is taking a page from Biden’s social media marketing push by offering its own dating app specifically for singles who don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine. Not really. It’s called “Unjected” – we know, the jokes write themselves – and it claims to be a service created by two mothers in Hawaii who “believe in real science and the scientific way.”

According to the platform’s website, its creators believe that “Covid-19 vaccines release dangerous spike proteins” and that “those who chose not to participate in the trials have documented adverse events after being exposed to the vaccine.” . Checking the facts: this is obviously not true. Still, the ladies want to provide a safe space for unvaccinated people to “come together without censorship through business, friendship, or love.” Because, you know, public spaces like grocery stores and that annual family barbecue are now going to be off-limits, unless you feel good about dying from a completely preventable virus.

This is an actual graphic from Unjected’s Instagram page:

And it is so :

Now listen, we can’t really say if this is a parody, or just an idea so absurd, so devoid of brain cell function that it reads like a parody. Also, anti-vax rhetoric is becoming more and more dangerous for society as a whole, so we don’t want to downplay the seriousness of the harmfulness of this kind of thinking.

Hell, some Twitter feedback is just too good to ignore.

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