Best Christmas Movies of 2021

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means dozens of Christmas movies will hit our screens over the next few weeks. If you’re on a mission to research as many holiday movies as possible to celebrate the holiday season, look no further. Get your hot chocolate ready and don your fanciest pajamas, because here are the best Christmas movies of 2021, streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, Lifetime, Disney + and beyond.

A castle for Christmas

Brooke Shields plays Sophie, a best-selling author who has bowled her fans by killing the love interest in her novels. To escape the anger, she travels to Scotland to find a castle linked to her family. There she meets Myles (Cary Elwes), the uncharitable Duke who has found himself in dire straits. The cute chemistry between the slopes and the idyllic historic setting make this movie a must-see. LOOK NOW

Love hard

Nina Dobrev plays an unlucky journalist who tries her luck with a man she meets on a dating app. However, when she flies off to the East Coast to surprise him for the holidays, he’s not all he pretended to be texting. Jimmy O. Yang obtains the status of a leading man and he does not disappoint. LOOK NOW

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Vanessa Hudgens is back in the third installment of The Princess Switch franchise. The plot revolves around a stolen Christmas relic and the search for a mysterious jewelry thief. Hudgens plays Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro; Stacy Juliette De Novo Wyndham, Princess of Belgravia; and Lady Fiona Pembroke, Margaret’s cousin, because one character is never enough. LOOK NOW

Single until the end

In an attempt to avoid these awkward questions about relationship status during the holiday season, Peter (Michael Urie) asks his friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to spend Christmas with him and pretend they’re a couple. Jennifer Coolidge, recently seen in The white lotus, co-stars. Single until the end arrives on Netflix on December 2. LOOK NOW

A Californian Christmas: the city lights

Fans of A Californian Christmas Rejoice, as a sequel to the adorable holiday movie heads to Netflix on December 16. The story picks up with everyone’s favorites Callie and Joseph a year after their romance began. Now they run their dairy farm and cellar, but their relationship comes to a crossroads when Joseph begins to feel a return to city life. LOOK NOW

8-bit Christmas

Nostalgia comes to a head in 8-bit Christmas, now available on HBO Max. Set in the ’80s, it follows a 10-year-old in search of the most wanted gift of the year, which happens to be the latest console and the latest video game. (Hey, we’ve all been there.) Neil Patrick Harris is the star. LOOK NOW

Christmas Vs. The Walter

Diane Walters (Shawnee Smith) is a pregnant mother of two who tries to make Christmas as perfect as possible for her dysfunctional family. However, not everything goes as planned and drifts ensue. Christmas Vs. The Walter is now available to watch in theaters and on demand. LOOK NOW

Perfect vacation

Fresh prince Star Tatyana Ali plays photographer Gaby who decides to take a Christmas photography class in a sleepy mountain town. However, she accidentally finds herself sharing a cabin with fellow photographer Sean (Henderson Wade) who questions everything she knows about her art form. Keep your eyes peeled for the moment Wade walks into the room wearing only a towel … LOOK NOW

Merry Christmas Liddle Baby

Kelly Rowland returns to Lifetime for the third installment of the Merry Christmas Liddle series. This time, Jacquie de Rowland is expecting a baby with her husband Tyler (Thomas Cadrot). Meanwhile, Jacquie’s sisters are exploring romance and adoption, making it a very busy holiday season. If you’ve never seen one of the Merry Christmas Liddle movies, now is your chance to catch up! LOOK NOW

Under the Christmas tree

Lifetime delivers with its first lesbian vacation romance, starring Ricki Lake. The film follows Alma (Elise Bauman) and the self-styled Christmas tree whisperer Charlie (Tattiawna Jones). Quarrels quickly turn to romance as the couple fight over the perfect Christmas tree. Lake plays the city’s extraordinary pastry chef whose advice only makes love blossom. LOOK NOW

Christmas in harmony

Harmony (RiverdaleAshleigh Murray) is brought in to audition for an ex who leads the Holiday Chorus. Exes are forced to spend a lot of time together during the holiday season, and the sparks start to fly. Destiny’s Child legend Michelle Williams makes an appearance in this new offering from Hallmark. LOOK NOW

An unexpected Christmas

Be ready, A tree hill fans, as Bethany Joy Lenz teams up with Tyler Hynes in Hallmark’s An unexpected Christmas. Back home for the holidays, Jamie (Hynes) manages to convince his ex Emily (Lenz) to pretend they’re still together for a week-long visit with her family. It doesn’t take long before the pair begin to reassess their breakup. LOOK NOW

Angel falls christmas

Christmas really came early for A tree hill Fans. Chad Michael Murray teams up for the third time with 90210by Jessica Lowndes for a magical holiday movie. Lowndes plays Ally, a workaholic doctor who goes through a breakup during the holiday season. Cue Gabe (Murray), a mysterious man with a lot of wisdom to convey who helps Ally re-evaluate her life. LOOK NOW

Dancing in the snow

This one is a festive favorite for fans of 90210 and Virgin river. AnnaLynne McCord plays Olivia, a dance teacher who gets along well with the father of one of her students, the handsome firefighter Michael, played by Colin Lawrence. Lawrence’s real daughter, Bianca, joins him onscreen in the cute holiday flick which is a modern day riff on It’s a wonderful life. LOOK NOW

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas

Fans were devastated when Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was canceled by NBC after only two seasons. Thankfully, Roku saved the beloved series and gave the go-ahead for a two-hour Christmas movie. In it, Zoey (Jane Levy) attempts to create a special holiday season, the first without her father. Expect plenty of musical numbers. WATCH NOW

Reba McEntire’s Christmas in the air

Former singing duo, ex and co-parents, Georgia (Reba McEntire) and Joe (John Schneider), reunite for a Christmas charity concert at the behest of their daughter. However, being reunited during the holiday season only serves to rekindle their romantic spark. If you love vacation movies that make you rock out in song, this is for you. LOOK NOW

People Present: Mix Christmas

Liam (Aaron O’Connell) secretly plans to propose to Emma (Haylie Duff) at his favorite spot during the holiday season. However, the proposal doesn’t quite go as planned: the couple face unexpected stress as they try to merge their two families. Watch it all unfold on Lifetime starting December 12. LOOK NOW

Christmas with ice wine

Camila (Roselyn Sánchez), one of Philadelphia’s top wine sommeliers, returns home for the annual Christmas Icewine and Harvest Festival. After discovering that the future of the festival is in danger, Camila works with wine specialist Declan (Lyriq Bent) to find a way to save the event and continue the tradition of preserving ‘Christmas in a bottle’. LOOK NOW

The nine Christmas kittens

Based on the title alone, The nine Christmas kittens is a watch not to be missed, especially for parents of cats. Zachary (Brandon Routh) and Marilee (Kimberley Sustad) find themselves reunited during the holiday season as they attempt to find homes for a litter of incredibly adorable kittens. Watch on Hallmark starting November 30. LOOK NOW

Christmas already seen

Christmas already seen stars Amber Riley as aspiring singer Kandi who, believe it or not, hates Christmas. However, when she meets an angel, Kandi’s wishes come true and her life changes forever. Now streaming on BET +. LOOK NOW

Home Sweet Home Alone

If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia, maybe it’s time to take a look at Disney + Alone at home reboot, starring original actor Devin Ratray as Buzz McCallister. Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney also star as a couple trying to salvage a priceless antique from this film’s cheeky star Archie Yates. LOOK NOW

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