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Dating app serial killer sentenced to 160 years in prison

ComplexCon returns to Long Beach November 6-7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A $ AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and falls. Reserve your place while tickets run out! To buy tickets Convicted serial killer Khalil Wheeler-Weaver will spend the rest of his life behind bars. According to the […]

This new dating app will find your next favorite for the gym

Watch out for anyone who answered the ‘Typical Sunday’ hinge prompt with any kind of workout, 14er or really any other physical activity other than having a horrible hangover on the couch – this one is. for you. TeamUp Fitness, a community fitness app aimed at connecting people with workout partners, is launching a new […]

This dating app uses your musical tastes to find you matches

Power of Music (POM) is a new dating app that relies on users’ mutual musical loves to try and help them find true love. The app launched in August, but initially capped registrations to 25,000. Once downloaded, users connect to their favorite streaming service – Spotify or Apple Music, which is then powered by an […]

New dating app matches people based on the music they listen to on their phones

POM (Power of Music) analyzes the songs people are listening to on their phones and offers dating suggestions. It connects couples using their emotions and their music library POM analyzes songs and tunes people are listening to on their phones and provides suggestions for dating ( Image: Getty Images) Singles can now find their perfect […]

DaiVat to partner with dating apps and social media startups to facilitate payments and more

The social media token Our mission is to “elevate the DaiVat token to new heights” by providing investors with an innovative and user-friendly entertainment token. DaiVat (BNB: DAVT) CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, October 4, 2021 / – The DaiVat token is one of the latest cryptocurrencies for use on mobile apps and social media startups. The […]

This dating application adds a “vaccinated” badge to the profiles of its users

I abandoned a bunch of people on Instagram because of the lockdown. Of course, some of them were just boring, and some that I just haven’t interacted with in ages. But the main divides were people who had opposing views on the pandemic and vaccinations – not because I can’t handle an opinion that isn’t […]

My friend matched up with my cousin’s wife on a dating app. Am I saying? – Before

“A Bintel Brief,” Forward’s signature advice column, is now a podcast hosted by Ginna Green and Lynn Harris. Listen to the latest episode here (or wherever you get your podcasts), and click here to sign up for a weekly newsletter with stories from the hosts. Need advice? Send an email to or leave a […]