Lady Matchmaker wants to fix the dating app experience and streamline romance for busy professionals

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, USA, May 17, 2022 / — No matter how busy work keeps you busy or how exhausting modern dating can be, Lady Matchmaker, the safe and mature dating app that offers professional matchmaker matches in-app, believes that everyone deserves a chance at love. The launch of the new app will open busy professionals a better way to date and unlock a new group of potential partners who are also ready for a new form of romance.

“When you’re busy, exhausted, and trying to juggle a million things at once, the last thing you need is wasting time on a dating app where the people you’re talking to may not be. not be a real person, let alone a good match for you,” said Karolina Swierk, founder of Lady Matchmaker. “Existing dating apps lack the sophistication and personal touch of a professional matchmaker, I therefore created this application to provide leading matchmaking services to those who want and need it most.”

Why Lady Matchmaker
Lady Matchmaker focuses on the key elements of successful dating in the digital world: security, efficiency and authenticity. Every person using the app has had their identity verified, eliminating catfish and scammers. In addition to swiping and chatting with traditional dating apps, in-app matchmakers assess potential matches and selectively match users when suitable.

How it works
Here’s how to find stronger romantic ties with Lady Matchmaker:
• After downloading the app, upload three photos of yourself and schedule a video call with a matchmaker of your choice.
• During the matchmaker call, answer a few quick questions to confirm the profile and validate the photos.
• Once a profile is approved, personalize it with more photos and information.
• Join some of Lady Matchmaker’s ten social groups where one can chat online with other group members through posts and comments. Groups are based on common interests.

Professional matchmaking comes into play when users select a membership type: Kiss or Relationship.

Kiss is the basic subscription where users swipe left and right on other users’ photos and send messages, video chats or voice calls with matches while swiping. In addition to scanning, users with the Relationship subscription:
• Get hand-picked matches based on compatibility analysis performed by professional matchmakers. A new match will be shared every 30-90 days.
• Receive an invitation to jump on the phone with the match for a 15 minute call.
• Following the call, answer a few questions from the matchmaker regarding the match.
• As users explore their matches and brainstorm with their matchmakers, the matches get stronger over time.

“Lady Matchmaker is poised to become the #1 dating app for mature professionals ready for serious dating that doesn’t waste time or energy,” Swierk said. “We live in the digital age, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice authenticity in the pursuit of love – I’m so excited to see how many people are finding real relationships through the ease, professionalism and to the intimacy of Lady Matchmaker.”

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