Sci-fi designer creates fake dating site for singles stuck in the Suez Canal

It’s lonely on the high seas, and even more lonely if your ship is stuck in the Suez Canal.

Last week, the container ship Ever Given got stranded on the busy trade route from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea after high winds veered it towards the eastern shore. So Danielle Baskin, the SF-based artist behind the voice call app Dial Up and this viral Blue Check House prank, set out to make these marine singles a solid by creating a (fake) dating app called Forever. Given.

First, you select your profession from a drop-down list that ranges from crude oil captain to deckhand, then you choose the type of boating professional you’re looking to meet (aim for the stars with a container ship manager). or settle for a sailor).

“If you are looking for love, if you want to start dating, or just want to stay relaxed, you have to be on Forever Given,” the website text reads. “There are tons – literally millions of tons – of cargo ships and tankers stranded at sea for at least the next 72 hours with people from all walks of life and experience looking to make memories, connections and everything in between. “

You can also enter the name of your vessel, which 1,400 Baskin has recorded in a spreadsheet. For trade geeks, the site offers an interactive widget that displays the names, positions and home ports of the real ships that are currently in the channel. Visitors to the site can leave (fake) testimonials about their Forever Given success stories, which will be posted on the site in a few days.

At the bottom of the site, Baskin reveals that this is indeed a joke, but also thinks it’s probably insulating enough to travel on a freighter, and suggests that maybe the different crews should hang out.

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