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South Dakota Mines IT graduates and students, left to right: Keegan Burnett, Morgan Vagts, Debbie Liknes and Dalton Baker show off the Lafdr dating app on their phones.

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Tanya Manus Journal Staff

What could be more spooky than the terrors of Halloween? For a lot of people, it’s about trying to find love on a dating app.

Computer science students from South Dakota Mines have created a new dating app, Lafdr, which matches people based on their memes tastes. After testing a prototype, the app for IOS and Android was released on September 17th.

Morgan Vagts and Debbie Liknes, both graduating from Mines in May, channeled their frustration with existing dating apps by creating their own. Lafdr’s algorithm, built by Liknes, connects like-minded users through memes they like on the app.

“Memes are a great conversation starter,” Vagts said. “It keeps the conversation light and allows people to be themselves. … If you can laugh at a meme together, you know you have something in common.

Vagts said Lafdr is designed to help people find friendships or romance, or users can simply browse the memes on Lafdr. Vagts and Liknes spent two years developing the app. It is aimed at college age students, but could potentially appeal to 18-35 year olds.

“We were just sitting in Debbie’s living room, talking about the dangers of online dating, and she joked about the idea of ​​a memes-based app. And I thought, ‘Yes. It’s great, let’s go, ”and it evolved from there,” Vagts said.

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