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Houstonians are launching a new dating app, Wingr, that lets friends play matchmaker for you

Two Houston men are trying to change the dating app experience by letting your friends participate in selecting your potential soul mate. Howard Edwards and Jaeron “Jay” Cooper launched their new app Winger in January 2022, which is named after its matchmaker feature called “Wingr mode” which allows friends to set up their friends with […]

Dating app Proxii just launched on UC Berkeley campus

Megan Tappe, a freshman at Cal and an ambassador for new dating app Proxii, drinks boba tea with UC Berkeley’s mascot Oski. Credit: Proxii Cal freshman Megan Tappe is so excited about a new Berkeley-based dating app that she recently signed up to be its brand ambassador. The app is called Proxiand it’s not just […]

How Covid Vaccines Could Change The Dating Game

Attentive lover. Passionate about work. Empathy in spades. Fur. For months, Sara Jablow searched for a hard-to-find combination of personality traits in future boyfriends. Now, however, after nearly a year of the Covid-19 pandemic, one elusive characteristic is beginning to transcend all others for her: vaccination status. It’s not that Jablow is picky; the 34-year-old […]

How to get back into the dating game, because it doesn”t have to be so scary

First dates can be really nerve-wracking. What will you talk about? Did you choose the right top? What if they’re not funny and you have to spend the whole night giving an exaggerated fake laugh? This is made ten times worse when you’ve been out of the game for a little while. Whether you’ve been […]